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Our concept

GITMC is working independently and on own responsibility as well as in international Consortia. Any Consortium arranged by GITMC will work with carefully selected members that can proof long-term experience for a specific project.

We believe that collaboration is the best way of realizing projects. Therefore, each corporation that we are working with is specialized in a specific field.

Our members are working in business areas such as planning, engineering, project management, financing and realization of environmental projects and do proof longterm experience and know-how.

For GITMC’s consortia and its business understanding five steps are relevant for a successful realization of a project e.g. a waste to energy plant (WtE):

  1. Selection of an external planning-consortium / surveillance consortium, consisting of the general planning corporation, economical specialists and members of the community and future operator / share holder / builder / owner
  2. Accomplishment of a feasibility study (quantity, composition of the waste, decision of the technical method, selection of the site with infrastructure)
  3. Rough layout of the plant and enforcement of a pre-qualification of potential provider and producer
  4. Detail planning and tender of the site for the three best tenders
  5. Award of contract to the best tender, building and launch the plant by the owner and operator, assisted by the external planning consortium.


Members of a consortia shall proof that they have developed worldwide successful and running projects and that they are able to bring into operation respectively successfully operate projects in several countries.

Having said so we may also offer transfer of technology, assembly and construction for specific projects i.e. in a joint venture in your country.

We will be delighted to present more details about consortia and opportunities for environmental projects.






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