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Founded in 2009 our enterprise Global Industry and Technology Management and Consulting (GITMC) is located in Vienna (AT). We offer world wide consulting, business networking and project management support in several fields for high technology in particular for individual solutions in technology transfer, renewable energies and e-mobility.

With years of experience in major international premium companies in the aerospace and automotive sector GITMC is an important partner in the field of Green Energy projects for international companies, suppliers and investors.

GITMC develops and accesses new project ideas in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Asia and Latin America, and leads them from start until full market introduction.

Depending on the each project requirement, we choose suitable locations with local partners in the countries, we negotiate with authorities and governments, define high-quality and appropriate technologies for the success of the project and talk with interested international firms, consortiums and investors on necessary financial investments.

We work in following areas:

1. Technology Transfer

2. Green Energy projects for renewable energies
Hydro power

4. Electromobility

3. Waste

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